Tennesseasonings: The new joint with southern soul.

Born and raised in the Choo-Choo City, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Master Chef Mike of Tennesseasonings loves exploring the diverse art of the smoked foods and cuisine known to fellow foodphiles as Barbecue.

You know a feller ain’t from back home when he thinks BBQ is a way of cooking rather than a way of life.  Barbecue is a slow and smoky covered way of cooking meat. Grilling is done with more direct heat and the lid off.  In the south, the word barbecue is definitely not talking about grilled hamburgers, steaks or hot dogs. Instead it is a time honored tradition of slow smoking various cuts of different meats, most often the delightful pig. Everyone has an opinion on which method, wood, or sauce makes the perfect barbecue and many an afternoon shared discussing which opinion is correct.  The best BBQ is so good, it don’t need no sauce!

Born and raised in southeastern Tennessee, Chef Mike borrows from the best in the buckle of the BBQ belt. To most outsiders, Memphis is probably the best known Tennessee BBQ.  It’s wet and dry pork ribs are famous all over the country. Dry ribs are rubbed and smoked. The wet ribs are basted with a thin tomato based sauce. In east Tennessee, pulled pork is king.  Most prefer a pork shoulder that is slow cooked. The meat is then pulled apart and eaten alone with sides or more commonly served with a side of coleslaw. Almost anywhere you go in Tennessee, you will find places that serve pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw. Sauces vary greatly, maybe because of the many borders with other barbecue belt states. In the west the sauce is thin, tomato based and sweet. Nashville is sweet and savory with notes of citrus and spice and a smokiness that complements the meat. East Tennessee employs a hodgepodge of flavors. Smoked BBQ could only be great from the Choo-Choo city.

Chef Mike happens to have grown up in the buckle of the BBQ belt of America, learning recipes from his parents, aunts, and ancestors, but he explores good BBQ wherever it may be found, in whatever sale it may be cooked, from whatever local ingredients make it the best.

Chef Mike’s multi-cultural mouth-watering talents will soon be on display at his new restaurant located at  7315 West Warm Springs Road, Las Vegas, NV. 89113.  Or, give him a call at 702-342-1260 to book a party or catering.


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